Amrit Kaur

Kaur’s father was a businessman, running a shop selling all household items. Her husband failed the 12th standard. Not so for Amrith Kaur! She continued to pursue her higher education after marriage and graduated not only with a BA, but also went on to pursue her B Ed. In 2010, she took on the role of an Anganwadi. She is proud to be associated with an organisation that not only lays so much emphasis on educating those who cannot afford basic amenities that a Nand Ghar offers, but also the fact that the Nand Ghars, in bold and true colours, scream loudly that education can be a fun process for teachers as well as those learning.

Nand Ghars, Kaur says, offers a respite from her daily chores, in an atmosphere where there is clean running water, electricity to keep the heat at bay and toilets that give an added measure of dignity!