Baby Devi

Baby Devi is one of those rare Anganwadi workers who seems to have something good going for her. Her father, a former Indian Railways employee, had studied only up to the 5th standard.. The three remaining brothers, two of whom are teachers, and one a police constable bear testimony to the value of parents stressing the importance of education. Baby Devi’s sister, Anshi Devi, alone stopped going to school after passing her 10th standard, which is surprising as she is the youngest, younger than Baby Devi by one year. Anshi Devi is a ASHA worker in another Anganwadi.

Baby Devi who went on to graduate with a BA and later a B Ed harbours no desire to get a teaching position like her brothers.

Baby Devi is an Anganwadi worker because she wants to be one, because she says she can contribute positively in her work and at the same time ensure that her son is focused on his studies. She feels she may not be able to shower as much attention on him if she were to become a teacher or take up some other job.