Anganwadi Worker

Determination is one of the key factors which determines an individual’s success. Hemlata is one such woman whose determination to get education transcended all bounds. Being the youngest in a family of four, she was always in pursuit of education even though there was an absence of role models who could inspire her to fulfill her dreams. She understood the value of education in one’s life.

23-year-old Hemlata is going to be the only graduate in her family once she sits for her BA final exam later this year. Her elder sister, Indra Devi (31), her two elder brothers Arjun Ram Fand Durga Ram are 29 and 27 respectively. Her brothers stopped their schooling after failing their exams and her sister cannot read or write at all. In fact, her family wanted her to quit studying after 5th standard but she wanted to break the norm.

Hemlata, who works as an Anganwadi worker is thrilled about the new look of these Nandghar Anganwadis. She says that it attracts children and parents alike who like the look and the feel of the smooth floors. Sometimes people just visit to chat with the children. According to her, the Nand Ghars are at the forefront of a silent movement towards making “good education great, and not merely defining one with education as an individual who has passed the 5th or even the 10th standard”. She is happy to see a wave of change in the minds of people.

Married at the age of 19 to Ghenna Ram, Hemlata moved with him to his village to begin her life as a newly married woman. For three years she had to put a pause on her dream of becoming educated so that she could get accustomed to a new family, a new village, and a husband who had discontinued his studies after failing his 10th standard exams.

For someone so strong-willed to complete her education, Nandghar provided her with the motivation to dream ahead. She got herself enrolled in a BA programme in 2015 much to her husband’s amusement who does not understand her love for books. After finishing her graduation she wants to either join the police force or enroll in a BEd programme.