Meenakshi Devi – The smiling soul


Striving Towards Fulfillment

As they say, life is about making mistakes and sometimes small mistakes leave an everlasting impact on people. Let’s hear a story of a woman who was affected by such small mistakes and even made a few of them. But eventually, it all helped her grow in life.

Meenakshi Devi, is a 26-year-old woman who came from a family of eight siblings- five girls and three boys, out of which only 2 were able to complete their graduation this year. Meenakshi has a daughter Urmila who attends Nand Ghar and another 14-year-old daughter, who currently studies in 8th standard. She is determined towards ensuring that her daughter completes her education and does not drop out of school.

Meenakshi tells how three out of her seven siblings are still pursuing their education even when her father, a tailor is facing financial constraints after the advent of ready-made clothing in the market. She admits that a proper family planning could have made life much easier for her family.

Meenakshi shares how her husband only earns enough to send their children -Mamata (10), Bajrang (8) and Gudiya (6) to the local government school. Meenakshi along with her remaining two children -Urmila (4) and Shiv (2) attends Nand Ghar.

Meenakshi with a smile on her face narrates how Nand Ghar has not only educated her children but also enlightened her and many mothers about the perils of child marriage as an orthodox practice. Nand Ghar emphasizes how hygiene and nutrition are essential for leading a healthy and fulfilling life.

Meenakshi expresses her gratitude saying Nand Ghar has helped her understand the significance of nutrition and hygiene and how it needs to be looked after from an early stage to enrich lives and lead it a healthy way.

It’s only because of Nand Ghar that my family has become aware of the importance of education”. “Hopefully now children will know the importance of family planning” she concludes, with a mischievous smile on her bright face.