Moru – A believer in dreams

“Women carry the burden of the nation. Women sacrifice themselves for the nation. Without women, the nation will lag, the nation will sag,” says Moru.

She was just a child when the heavy burden of marriage was thrust on her. She studied up to the 5th standard. Prey to financial uncertainty, she discontinued going to school and began helping her parents in their farming work.

She held the hope in her that married life will allow her to continue with education. Upon turning 19 in 2006, Moru finally moved to her husband’s home to start a family of her own. But her husband, himself very keen on pursuing education, asked her to stay at home and take care of his aging parents, while he went on with his studies. The last shred of hope in her was fading.

Years after in 2011, Nand Ghar came to her life. She turned out to be the only woman in her village with a 5th standard ‘pass’ that enabled her to join Nand Ghar as an ASHA worker. The confidence she gained from being a mere 5th standard pass to being employed at Nand Ghar boosted her to prepare alone for the 8th standard examination. Having passed that, she is now studying hard to take the 10th standard examination.

The two-weeks training she received to become an ASHA worker and realisation of the fact that she is needed by people outside of her family gave her a purpose to wake up every morning.     She is grateful and inspired by the fact that Nand Ghar is a testimony that the government and private companies are doing their part in helping people like her help themselves. Nand Ghar has given her life a purpose, that and the smiles she sees in children’s faces every day, six days a week!