SUNITA – She willed, struggled and conquered

It is easy to see a dream, but sometimes it seems impossible to knit them into reality. The story of Sunita which began as broken pieces of her dreams and grew into a possibility will aspire you to change the story of your life.
Sunita’s father was an employee in the local electricity board. He made sure that his daughter learned the value of education. But as soon as she passed her 12th standard, her father persisted that she marry the man of his choice.
Her definition of a good education did not end with her merely passing the 12th standard. She wanted to study more, learn more. Dreams she carried silently with her were not yet dead. In 2009, Sunita began her married life with Jagram Choudary, who currently works as a security guard in a factory.
Despite opposition from her In-laws, she grabbed the opportunity of working, when in 2010 a Nand Ghar was established in her vicinity. Nand Ghar brought her the missing link to her dreams. She ardently worked hard and rekindled her commitment to education. In 2016 her struggle paid off and she acquired her BA. Sunita’s thread of dreams did not draw to a close with her BA degree in hand. She is currently pursuing MA and managing her two little ones – a 6-year-old daughter and another daughter, a mere one-and-a-half-year-old, with her elder one attending Nand Ghar regularly. After MA, she is set on becoming a teacher. When asked about her wards in the Anganwadi she works for, she says that she will ensure that the next worker is adequately trained to continue her legacy. Sunita is thankful for Vedanta’s efforts in bringing Nand Ghars into their lives. There continues to be a crying need to elevate the value and importance of education. Nand Ghar is the strength that was needed. Sunita feels that Nand Ghar is the dawn that will shine on the dampness of our society.