Zada – The Grand Mother

She envisioned a future where women braved it all

Zada is a 90-year-old grandmother, thriving with wisdom, residing at Bheelon ki Basti with her eldest son and his family. She is a proud mother of four sons and five daughters who are all happily settled.

Zada has never stepped in a school, yet her words speak highly of the importance of education in life. She believes that things could have taken a different turn if she had been to a school.

“Padhe likhe ke hain Chaar ankh, anpadh ke hain do aankh” (literate has four eyes and illiterate possess 2 eyes), says Zada when she is asked about the importance of education.

Zada believes that education is very important for everyone. Those who remain illiterate are deceived and fooled. “If a girl is educated then the whole family is educated”, says Zada, stressing on the importance of girl child education. To have a Nand Ghar in her Dhani makes her feel contented. She is delighted to see Nand Ghar contribute to preschool education of kids. Zada has a four-year-old granddaughter, Munni who attends Nand Ghar regularly. Watching her learn new words and read sentences from her books fill Zada’s heart with pride and happiness.

She ensures Munni’s regular attendance at Nand Ghar and dreams to see her granddaughter successful in life. With Nand Ghar in their vicinity, she hopes her coming generations will add value to the society by receiving a proper education.