“If a girl is educated then the whole family is educated, says Zada on the importance of girl child.”

Padhe likhay ke hain Chaar ankh, anpadh ke hain do aankh” (literate has four eyes and illiterate possess 2 eyes), says Zada when she is asked about the importance of education.

Zada is a 90 year old woman residing at Bheelon ki Basti village in Barmer with her eldest son & his family. She is a proud mother of 4 sons and 5 daughters, all of whom are happily settled.

Zada believes that education is very important for everyone. People make fool of an illiterate. If a person is literate he/she can get many sources of livelihood. “If a girl is educated then the whole family is educated”, says Zada, stressing on the importance of girl child education. She is happy to see a Nandghar in her Dhani which is contributing to the preschool education of kids. Zada has a 4 year old granddaughter, Munni who attends Nand Ghar regularly.

Zada wants Munni to study well and ensures her regular attendance at Nandghar. While Zada herself has never attended school in her lifespan of 90 years, she hopes her coming generations will add value to the society by receiving proper education.