Kamlesh Vishnoyi, Anganwadi worker; DOB 24/09/1989

Desu Devi,Sahayika;  DOB ? Approximately 26 years; mother of two children attending the Nand Ghar

From a single, dark, dingy room that was the Anganwadi in 2012, (when only two or three children, if that, would come to that Anganwadi) located in a school to the present Nand Ghar with 25 children coming daily is a dramatic statement that shows how far a little aesthetic taste and fun can go in making education a mass movement.

Kamlesh Vishnoyi remembers the time when with a blackboard that creaked on its hinges and rattled when she wrote in a room without electricity, no mother wanted to send her child to a run-down, old Anganwadi, despite the best of intentions.

Desu Devi, whose husband, Ganesh, runs a tea-shop, also serving fried items for breakfast, comes from a family of nine siblings – seven males, two females with their ages ranging from 7 to 26 years of age, Desu Devi being the eldest. And no surprises, the two girls are not as educated as the boys. Desu Devi passed her 8th standard exam, got married at the age of 20. She has two boys, one 2 years of age and the other almost 4 years. She brings them both to the Nand Ghar with her, giving them a head start on their path to education.

Ganesh, Desu Devi’s husband studied up to the 10th standard despite Ganesh’s father being a reporter working for the Dainik Navjyoti, a Hindi newspaper. His father says he could not convince his son to study any further. He is grateful though that the Nand Ghar is serving as a solid platform for his two grandchildren from which they will gain a solid education.