Meenakshi Devi

Meenakshi Devi, whose daughter Urmila attends the Nand Ghar near her home, is determined to make sure her daughter does not drop out of school.

Her husband, owns a vehicle that he uses to ply items for others earning a livelihood that allows him to send 3 children to the local government school and the other two are taken to the Nand Ghar by Meenakshi Devi .

The Nand Ghar here, does not merely educate the children, Meenakshi says. It is a system that is also making the mother of the children aware that child marriages are a thing of the past, that hygiene and nutrition are most important from a very young age and that education can be furthered with a smile.

She will take her children to the Nand Ghar every day and will make sure all of them go to school and study hard. The Nand Ghar has made my family aware of the importance of education.