Sharifa Begum

Mother of three children, two of whom attend the Nand Ghar regularly.

Sharifa and her husband Rejeb Shah hail from a family that placed no value on education at all.


Sharifa’s parents, her two other sisters and three brothers are illiterate. They cannot read or write. She is married into a family of seven siblings, three brothers and four sisters, none of whom have any education whatsoever, did not attend even one day in school.

The Nand Ghar, steps away from their home, with its friendly ambience has made Sharifa and her husband consider the possibility of learning the alphabet. Kamlesh Vishnoyi, the Anganwadi worker says she is more than willing to sit down with them on a regular basis.

It is the hope that the Nand Ghars extend to one and all who are willing to learn and who come to realise that learning and education can be ‘learning-friendly’