Soyati speaks “Before this Nand Ghar was built, there was no Anganwadi in the area. Children the age of Priyanka, Durga and Reshmi would loiter in the fields and the roads when their parents did not have time to be with them. Now, at least they have a safe place to go to, get fed a nutritious meal and at the same time learn something that will be useful to them,” she says in Marwari. She waits for this to be translated before she continues, “I wish this Nand Garh had come up years ago.”

“Age is no bar for education,” she says in pure Hindi.

“Yes I will. I have seen that the Nand Ghars are making education a fun process. There is no reason I cannot make it fun for my aunt to learn the alphabet,” says Mamata with a smile.

“I have no big dreams for my daughters or grandchildren. No big dreams. But they must read and they must educate themselves. As long as I am alive I will do that and I am thankful that the Nand Ghar here has given my grandchildren a head-start,” she says gratefully.