Early Childhood Education

  • To make Nand Ghar an aspirational pre-school
  • Aim to directly impact 1,60,000 children annually
Nand Ghar provides an enabling learning environment through
  • Creative wall paintings
  • Building as learning aid (BaLA) board
  • Multi-media content to be shown on TV
  • Early learning activity kit - NandGhars aim to improve pre-primary education by interactive learning. BaLA designs, pre-loaded content on TV and smart kits provided to children help in building cognitive ability.


  • To provide primary, innovative healthcare service at Nand Ghar
  • Aim to directly impact 4,00,000 community members only
Nand Ghar healthcare services comprises of:
  • Annual health checkup for Nand Ghar beneficiaries and their family
  • Specialist Consultation apart from general physician, and nurse present at all times during visits
  • Conducting basic non-invasive tests
  • Health camps for beneficiaries as well as community at large
  • Diagnostic and curative healthcare services
  • Behavior Change Communication on women health and hygiene
  • Over-The-Counter (OTC) medicine dispensing
  • Consultation with specialist doctor with assisted telemedicine model


  • To reduce child malnutrition at Nand Ghars
  • Aim to directly impact 1,60,000 children annually
Nand Ghar provides meals that are:
  • Adhering to nutritional norms as per ICDS and forfeited (wherever required)
  • Hygienic, safe and maintaining highest quality standard
  • Customized as per regional taste
  • Varied menu to offer variety such as poha, upma,
    halwa, etc
  • Strengthening the government delivery system

Skill Development

  • To provide sustainable livelihood opportunities for women (>18 years) through Nand Ghar
  • Aim to directly impact 1,60,000 women annually
Through the skilling program Nand Ghar provides:
  • Market linkages imperative for sustainability
  • Best-in-class entrepreneurship development program including soft skills, financial literacy, business development
  • Trade based skill training
  • Twin model for enterprise and federation creation
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